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About Us

RKS Learning Private Limited (RKS) is a company engaged in pursuit of learning initiatives.Our focus is to enhance learning experience by leveraging technology. Testbag.in is one such initiative. Our outlook is collaborative. We are building a pool of young achievers to add value to this learning experience under guidance of experienced hands. In addition we are seeking help of contributors spread across globe to keep contributing to enlarge the knowledge pool. Our goal is to make our learning initiatives available to all seekers at a reasonable cost.


Create learning environments that promote active learnig, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation. Disseminate knowledge to learners and teachersusing 21st century technologies-web, digital and visual. Reach and engage today's learner. Encourage teachers to adopt and innovate in teaching and learning with IT.Innovate in teaching and learning with technology to reduce costs so that our learning initiatives are available to all seekers at reasonabe costs.